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First Flight For Battery-Powered Helicopter

Tier 1 Engineering has flown a battery-powered manned helicopter for a five-minute cruise flight, the company recently announced. The aircraft flew to 400 feet altitude and reached a peak speed of 80 knots during its first flight, which took place in late September in Costa Mesa, California. ...Read more

DARPA Tests Robot Copilot

A new advanced robotics system that functions as a copilot has been successfully tested in flight in a Diamond DA-42 and a Cessna Caravan, Aurora Flight Sciences announced this week. On Monday, Aurora demonstrated automated flight capabilities with the Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System (ALIAS) in a Caravan, flying basic maneuvers under the supervision of a pilot. ...Read more

US allows Airbus, Boeing to sell airplanes to Iran

Airbus and Boeing have both been given the green light to sell airplanes to Iran in a multibillion-dollar, historic deal, according to the Wall Street Journal. ...Read more

City Council Approves Motion to Set Timeline for the Closure of
the Santa Monica Airport

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – On Tuesday, July 26, 2016, the Santa Monica City Council unanimously approved a motion to consider a resolution indicating its intent to close the Santa Monica Airport by June 30, 2018 or as soon as legally permitted. Council directed staff to bring a proposed resolution to its August 23, 2016 meeting. ...Read the Media Alert here

The Truth about Aerotropolises

Rose Bridger is a prolific researcher and writer on the impacts of aerotropolis developments around the world. There is a clear trend where elected officials are ‘collaborating’ with developers to create airport projects on steroids. The projects almost always include forced evictions to displace local farmers. Public benefits are grossly oversold while private benefits (to the developer and the elected officials) tend to be narrowly focused. Eventually, if there is any success, it is short-lived as each aerotropolis megadevelopment is eclipsed by the next aerotropolis project. And, again, as with all serial development balloons, the only REALbeneficiaries are the developers and the self-serving officials. ...Read more

Pilot shortage: Yes or no?
Industry officials discuss forecasts, reality at OSU conference

Can the United States provide enough pilots to meet industry needs in the coming years? Industry officials debated the question of whether a pilot shortage is imminent or a reality at a panel discussion on April 28. ...Read more

From St. Clair to Santa Monica – How FAA Delays Airport Closure Proposals - Click here

Press Release – FAA Issues $27 Million Grant for Replacement Airport in North Dakota

New airport will accommodate growing aviation demand

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today announced a $27 million Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant to the City of Williston, N.D. to purchase land to build a new airport and meet growing aviation demand by replacing Sloulin Field International Airport. ...Read more

Safety last: Lies and coverups mask roots of small-plane carnage

Hidden defects linked to small-aircraft crashes over five decades, a USA TODAY investigation shows. ...Read more

Government Considers Mandatory Insurance for GA

Unless you are required by a lender to carry liability insurance for your airplane, you likely don't have to pay for such a policy. Only 11 states require some form of liability insurance for general aviation aircraft operators, according to the Government Accountability Office, unlike automobile owners and commercial airlines, which are federally obligated to be insured. ...Read more

FAA numbers show GA's future

Where is general aviation headed? The truth is, nobody knows, but the FAA is paid to try to predict the future. Earlier this year the FAA released these numbers that are as good as any at predicting the future. ...Read more

FAA and GA Community Focus on Safety

Statement from FAA Deputy Administrator Mike Whitaker:
“Improving general aviation (GA) safety is a top priority for the FAA and industry.  Last year, 434 people were killed in 251 GA accidents. The fatal accident rate remains flat and too many lives are being lost despite the great work of our GA community. ...Read more

Source: Phoenix sues FAA over flight path changes

PHOENIX -- Phoenix filed a lawsuit Monday against the Federal Aviation Administration for changing flight paths earlier this year, a source said. ...Read more

New citizen website could send O'Hare jet noise complaints soaring

A new, user-friendly citizen website threatens to send record complaints about O’Hare International Airport jet noise soaring even higher. ...Read more

Talks Stall Between Textron, Union

(note: Textron Aviation is China owned)

Representatives of the machinists union negotiating a new contract with Textron Aviation said company officials abandoned the talks on Sunday. The union said its committee had reviewed Textron's proposal and passed back a counterproposal. ...Read more

ALPA Refutes Myth of U.S. Pilot Shortage: Urges Congress to Enact Pro-Aviation Policies

WASHINGTON – The thousands of airline pilots who are furloughed or working overseas when they would prefer to fly for a U.S. airline and live in this country makes it clear that no shortage of trained and qualified airline pilots currently exists in the United States, according to the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA). ...Read more

Are Copilots' Days Numbered?

A debate is percolating online about the risks of flying jets single-pilot after the crash of an Embraer Phenom 100 in Maryland earlier this month that killed six, including three people on the ground. Former Flying editor Richard Collins weighed in on his website, arguing that the FAA shouldn't approve any jet for single-pilot operations unless it's equipped with autothrottles. The airlines, meanwhile, are taking a slightly different tack: Cram the cockpit full of advanced automation, they say, and eliminate all the copilots. ...Read more

City Council Supports Plan To Eliminate Two Runways At LGB

Following an Airfield Geometric Study designed to evaluate the efficiency and safety of the airstrips and taxiways at Long Beach Airport, the City Council last week voted in support of eliminating two of the airport's five runways. ...Read more

GA's Difficult Climb Back: A pilot who is also a professor at a major university applies academic rigor to an analysis of the future health of general aviation. The hard numbers make for some stark reading.

I am a 68 year-old Baby Boomer who got his private certificate in 1975 with the University of Michigan Flyers at the Ann Arbor, Michigan Airport. At that time, the Flyers had five Cessna 150s, a Skyhawk, a Piper Arrow, and a Citabria. Within a few months, a twin was added to the fleet—which continued to grow. There were some 200 University students, and some faculty, involved and most of the Club instructors were students at the U. There was an excitement about aviation. ...Read more

Chinese delegates, Wichita officials sign deal to develop aviation opportunites

Delegates from Xi’an, China, visited with Wichita officials on Thursday to sign a memorandum of understanding that the two cities will develop economic and trade opportunities centered on aviation. ...Read more

Boeing introduces solution to stem global pilot shortage

Boeing’s Flight Services division is offering a pipeline from zero flight time to airline qualified in two years, the company announced at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
With an estimated need for 533,000 pilots worldwide over the next 20 years, it became clear that the manufacturer’s customers would also need help crewing their new purchases. In response, Boeing has developed the Pilot Development Program, a two-step ab initio training process to bring people off the street, thoroughly screen them for physical and psychological factors, and make them airline qualified. ...Read more

Cessna to offer diesel-powered Skyhawk

Now Cessna Aircraft has two diesel-engine aircraft in its single-engine line. The company displayed a Cessna 172 Turbo Skyhawk JT-A at EAA AirVenture and said that certification is expected "soon" for the Cessna 182 Turbo Skylane JT-A. ...Read more

Boeing Announces Ab Initio Pilot Training

Boeing’s massive presence at AirVenture 2014 was explained today when it announced a worldwide ab initio airline pilot training program that will qualify pilots to go directly into the right seat of airliners in virtually every country of the world except the U.S. Two weeks ago, Boeing released its widely respected market projections and trending 20-year outlook for the airline world. It estimated a need for 533,000 new pilots and 548,000 new aircraft maintenance technicians—with the greatest demand in the Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern markets. ...Read more

Half a million new pilots on the horizon for China

Thin and bespectacled, Xiao Zixuan, 17, dreams of flying a helicopter.
This weekend, the boy from China's southern metropolis of Shenzhen, visited an international flight training exhibition and is convinced that his dream is near at hand. He foresees a successful career as a general aviation pilot. ...Read more

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Chinese delegates, Wichita officials sign deal to develop aviation opportunities - Click here

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One Airport for Every 14 Pilots, Only One School for Every 433 Public School Children: Oregon Aviation Watch - Click here

U.S. aviation chief defends NextGen progress as funding cuts loom - Click here





OPEN SKIES PARTNERSHIPS: Expanding the Benefits of Freer Commercial Aviation - Click here

A bill signed to release the City of St. Clair, Missouri, from all restrictions, conditions, and limitations on the use, encumbrance, conveyance, and closure of the St. Clair Regional Airport. - Click here

NTSB General Aviation Accidents & Fatality Statistics: view Aviation Statistics for 2014 - Click here

ACRP Report 44: A Guidebook for the Preservation of Public-Use Airports - Click here

US Department of Transportation Memorandum: Audit Announcement - Air Traffic Control Tower Productivity Assessment Federal Aviation Administration Project No. 14C3002C000 - Click here

US Department of Transportation Memorandum: Management Advisory on Registration of Aircraft to U.S. Citizen Trustees in Situations Involving Non-U.S. Citizen Trustors and Beneficiaries - Click here

General Aviation Security: Weaknesses Exist in TSA's Process for Ensuring Foreign Flight
Students Do Not Pose a Security Threat - Click here

FAA 10 Year Strategy for Air Traffic Control Workforce - Click here

Effects of Aviation Gasoline on Childhood Blood Lead Levels - Click here

HOMELAND Security – Line in Sand: remarks - Click here


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